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We pride ourselves on our combined 16 years of solar experience.  Residential, Commercial and Industrial we have done it all, in some capacity or other in MW size systems.  Eventually some things wear out; it’s always a goal to anticipate things which may need preventative attention - mostly likely where a composition roof has reached long past its expected lifespan - let's consider some roof protecting measures in the long run.   There are cases where a roof may get re-roofed with a new material, like a cool roof (white polymer membrane).  We will keep you apprised of these rare but predictable maintenance needs, and let you know how these impact the long-term. 


At the time of our initial estimate, we will also obtain from a licensed roofer an estimate of the cost to replace your roof from present to projected and recurring costs ten years ahead.  For example, every homeowner knows to budget for a hundred dollars of plumbing related costs.  Upgrading a twenty year-old main panel and service might be a good idea sometime.  Also, assume that a pressure-temperature relief should be replaced typically at seven years.  Service happens, but maintenance can preempt it.

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