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New Solar Systems

We design and build new solar systems especially photovoltaic and domestic hot water.  We will plan, design, build and protect your system, including any trips to the local permit office downtown, and anything on the roof, in the crawl-space, or in the house that needs to get done.  We specialize in micro inverter setups which are lean and mean, and usually don’t add anything boxes to your exterior walls.   Central inverters are sometimes desirable, and these might be installed in a garage, on an exterior or interior wall, in a crawl space, etc, but usually near the meter and main disconnect. 




We believe in keeping your installation at a reasonable size which will be easy to manage and maintain and will give you optimum payback for your buck.  All new construction in California requires a solar component, and sometimes this requirement is the main driver.  We have done systems as small as 1 Kilowatt when homeowners just need to have the minimum; later, if the electric bill warrants it, we can come back and add more capacity.

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