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Founded in 2012
Your energy partner

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We specialize in PV grid tied and battery backup. We offer extended warrantys on all systems. Also DHW, space heating and pools, and process heat. Troubleshooting experts. We strive to make our client's home or business more green more affordable. 

Introducing our law firm

Providing All Solar Related Services 



Whether the goal is to reduce your electric bill or get battery backup, we’ll help determine the best configuration for your budget.  Then we’ll map out a plan, bounce it over to you and back, refine it, and repeat the process until we know it’s a good plan. Any good design weighs such factors as system size, efficiency, building codes and aesthetics.



With safety first, we build it, respecting your requests like don’t trample the lawn or scratch the gutters.



Protecting your system means anticipating what could go wrong and preventing it.  Solar panel theft is rare, but let's prevent it.  Proper grounding is critical, as is being nice to your roofing and gutters.  Squirrels and rodents want to taste that wire insulation, and crows,  anything that glitters.  Solar panels help protect your roof! New high-tech coatings can improve efficiency and make cleaning easier.

When there is a solar energy spill, it's just called a "nice day" 

Solar Panels Technicians

First Principles

Safety First

Keep it simple

Devotion to best practices

The customer is king

Nature bats last

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